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Струг за метал с цифрово управление 1000GNDIG
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Цена: 0 лв.
Срок на доставка: от 1 до 30 дни
Модел: 1000GNDIG
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Струг за метал с цифрово управление 1000GNDIG Струг за метал с цифрово управление 1000GNDIG Струг за метал с цифрово управление 1000GNDIG Струг за метал с цифрово управление 1000GNDIG

  • cooling system and quick tool holder included in delivery
  • adjustable halogen lamp fix mounted
  • vibration- and running noise reducing machine bed
  • solid precise setup of the entire machine enables high precision work
  • telescope cover of the spindle ensures a stable accuracy
  • hardened and ground main spindle ensures high true running accuracy
  • ideal for locksmithery, workshops and schools
  • easy and quick speed change via 2-lever index gear
  • inductively hardened and smoothed cast iron bed
  • removable bridge enables to machine big work pieces
  • feeding gear and cogwheel are oil bath lubricated which ensures a long durability
  • easy detachable feeding rod and guide screw
  • guides easy maintainabel
  • includes foot break and automatic switch off
  • hardened and ground gear wheels ensure a smooth run
  • max. turning diameter330mm
  • max. diameter above moving table: 198mm
  • max. diameter without bed inlet (bridge): 465mm
  • machine bed height: 308mm
  • machine bed width: 186mm
  • spindle bore: 38mm
  • spindle cone: MT5
  • tailstock cone: MT3
  • spindle retainer: D1 – 4"
  • feed-length of feed: 0,052 – 1,392mm/r
  • feed-tilting feed: 0,014 – 0,376mm/r
  • metrical-thread (28 steps): 0,4 – 7mm
  • thread inch (20 steps): 4 – 56tpi
  • height of spindle in upstroke: 8g/zoll
  • stroke of transversal guides: 170mm
  • stroke of superior centres: 85mm
  • stroke of tailstocks: 95mm
  • size: 1700x750x1400
included in delivery: 3-jaw chuck with turnable jaws Ø160mm, 4-jaw chuck Ø200mm, face plate 330mm, live rest, steady rest, stand with chip tray and splashguard, threadspring, 2 fix centerpunches, reduction MT5/3, interchangeable gear set and operation tools, quick tool holder with 2 clamping jaws, spindle break, cooling system, halogen lamp
available accessories: DRO, tool set 16mm, drill chuck with adapter MT3/B16, auto chuck, cooling pump, gauges

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